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Oct 1, 2012

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It was a fellow motorist in a caravan who noticed that a woman was straddling the driver of an open-topped Porsche zooming down the E4 motorway near Linköping in central Sweden at the end of July.

When the car passed the shocked caravan driver at what he estimated to be 80 kilometres an hour, he realized that the woman was not only without a seat belt, but was sitting on the drivers lap facing him, something he considered to be potentially hazardous for other drivers.

When police responded to the call and pulled over the Porsche, they noticed that the woman quickly switched to the passenger’s seat.

They also noted she wasn't wearing any pants, according to the local Corren newspaper.

When confronted about why she was not in her seat, the half-naked woman told police that she was simply licking off icecream that had spilled onto the Porsche driver’s body.
During subsequent questioning, the man claimed he and the woman were being “a little naughty” and that his passenger was just “kissing away the ice cream”.

The woman later admitted, however, that she was doing "a little more than just clearing up the ice cream from the man’s face and body,” wrote the paper.

What the hell?  We couldn't even shorten the title... 'Woman half naked, has romp with man in open top porsche while licking him off... uhm.... we mean while licking ice cream off of him'.  Or 'Half-naked woman stradling man in open top porsche while licking him... while licking ice cream...'
....... oh forget it!! Craziness.


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Scorned Husband in Jealous Spray

 photo paintrevenge_zpsbb1bbaa4.jpg

A FURIOUS husband has taken public revenge on his wife's admirer in an unlikely place -- his rival's garage door.
A Reddit user with the screen name igotskraped posted a photo of a garage attached to a house in Illinois, tagged with a very clear message in red spray paint: "Don't e-mail my wife!!!!"
The scorned spouse added on the smaller side entrance: "Stop now".
The images were shared a month ago. There has been no update on this very public love triangle.

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