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Nov 26, 2012

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HUNTLEY – When Brittany Snyder of Lake in the Hills took her first bite into a deep-fried turkey testicle, she was surprised. She expected it to be awful.

"Oh my God," Snyder said. "It tastes like burnt chicken. It's really good."

Snyder was one of a crowd at the 30th annual Turkey Testicle Festival at the Parkside Pub, an event that draws about 4,000 people.

Snyder, 25, attended with friend Tara Graff of Crystal Lake, who is a three-year veteran of the festival.

"I love the atmosphere," Graff said. "My favorite part is the testicles."

Graff has her own pitch to ease people's concerns about eating testes.

"I tell them it tastes like chicken, but you have to have the hot sauce with them," Graff said. "I feel like I'm eating a chicken tender."

Graff, 24, said she would serve them at her own Thanksgiving dinner if she knew the recipe.
"I would put them in a bowl and tell people 'eat these testicles,' " she said.

The annual festival takes place under a tent in a parking lot next to the tavern.

Bands play and people sing along while drinking beers to help swallow the testicles.

The 1,200 pounds of testicles are shipped in from a farm in Michigan and take a few days to thaw out.

Lawd!  The poor turkeys.  It isn't enough we have to carve them up and eat them for Thanksgiving, no.  We have to eat their balls TOO... craziness.

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Scorned Husband in Jealous Spray

 photo paintrevenge_zpsbb1bbaa4.jpg

A FURIOUS husband has taken public revenge on his wife's admirer in an unlikely place -- his rival's garage door.
A Reddit user with the screen name igotskraped posted a photo of a garage attached to a house in Illinois, tagged with a very clear message in red spray paint: "Don't e-mail my wife!!!!"
The scorned spouse added on the smaller side entrance: "Stop now".
The images were shared a month ago. There has been no update on this very public love triangle.

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