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Nov 28, 2012

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The husband of an obese New York woman who died after being denied flights home from Hungary is suing three airlines, claiming their failure to transport his wife led to her death.

According to ABC News, Vilma Soltesz, weighing 407 lbs, was vacationing in Hungary when she died of kidney failure. The death came after she and husband Janos Soltesz made three unsuccessful attempts to fly back to the U.S. for treatment.

The network said that the couple was thrice told she was too large to fit safely on a plane — once while they were in the cabin of a KLM aircraft — and were denied access to the cabin.

Soltesz died while they were trying to arrange transit back to the United States. Now there is sadness for Janos and a $6 million lawsuit for the airlines.

His lawyer, Holly Ostrov-Ronai told ABC News that the airlines failed to make simple accommodations for Soltesz and unfairly denied her service, leading to her death. She had managed to board a KLM flight to Hungary, thanks to an airlift and seat-belt extender. The lawyer argued the company had a responsibility to ensure she could get home.

Soltesz was later denied access to flights with Delta and Lufthansa, either because she was physically unable to board the flight or because she could not do up her seat-belt.

In all three cases, the airlines say they did everything they could to accommodate Soltesz before regretfully declining her service.

Alot of angry comments we've seen on this one on various sites.  Also alot in favour of the airlines saying they are allowed to choose who they will allow on a plane especially when it involves the safety of other passengers.  Craziness...


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