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Jun 21, 2013

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Chinese women are not particularly known for momentous acts of romance, stereotyped as preferring a lifestyle of duty and compassion. One Chinese woman decided to take the road less travelled by giving her husband a particularly harsh dose of tough love, Xinhua reports.

On May 7 at 8pm the husband, surnamed Han, received a rude awakening when he felt a wave of pain shooting up his body. As he glanced down, the unthinkable became reality: his penis was severed at the base.

Ten minutes after calling for help, the police arrived to find Han collapsed on the ground. A pair of 20 cm long scissors was identified as the weapon. The doctor informed Han that his penis could be reattached if found within eight hours. When he looked expectantly at his wife she said blankly that she had flushed it down the toilet.

Han was promptly taken to the hospital where he went into shock. Two days later he became responsive and said, "Despite all this, I love my wife, and I think she loves me".

Surprisingly, the wife did not act out of jealously. She explains:

"I had a recording on my phone from an earlier fight. On it, my husband said he was going to divorce me. When I heard that, just then, I got really scared. Someone in our neighbourhood got divorced, and the child was beaten by the second wife. If my husband divorced me and got married to another woman, I feared that our child would end up being abused like that child. But if I cut it off, I figured he'd never be able to get remarried."

Say whaaaaaaaaat???  Crazy woman!  Craziness....

Photo(s) credit:  "Time to Learn" by Flickr user Anais Gómez-C


  • Will says:
    June 21, 2013 at 8:36 AM

    Hmmmm.......Let's hope it's not contagious?
    ....Wait you were inquiring earlier about Scissors???

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Scorned Husband in Jealous Spray

 photo paintrevenge_zpsbb1bbaa4.jpg

A FURIOUS husband has taken public revenge on his wife's admirer in an unlikely place -- his rival's garage door.
A Reddit user with the screen name igotskraped posted a photo of a garage attached to a house in Illinois, tagged with a very clear message in red spray paint: "Don't e-mail my wife!!!!"
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