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Oct 4, 2013

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The Pacu, which has come to be known as the "testicle-eating fish," looks like a Piranha with dentures and has reportedly turned up in far-flung locations -- from Denmark and France to Illinois and northern New Jersey. Now, a reader has directed our attention to a Pacu that turned up in a suburban lake last month near Seattle, Wash.

Apparently hooked by a fisherman in Lake Ki in the town of Marysville, this latest Pacu measures a whopping 17 inches in length, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Is Pacumageddon nigh?

Actually, this fish was probably dumped into the lake after it outgrew its owner's tank, Jeff Holmes of the Washington Fish and Wildlife told The Huffington Post over the phone on Monday. Because Pacu grow very fast and can reach sizes of up to 4 feet long, exotic fish owners often get rid of them by releasing them into natural water bodies.

Photo(s) credits:  Fisherman John Denton in Marysville, Wash., holding the 17-inch Pacu he caught by mistake.


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Scorned Husband in Jealous Spray

 photo paintrevenge_zpsbb1bbaa4.jpg

A FURIOUS husband has taken public revenge on his wife's admirer in an unlikely place -- his rival's garage door.
A Reddit user with the screen name igotskraped posted a photo of a garage attached to a house in Illinois, tagged with a very clear message in red spray paint: "Don't e-mail my wife!!!!"
The scorned spouse added on the smaller side entrance: "Stop now".
The images were shared a month ago. There has been no update on this very public love triangle.

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